Monday, June 29, 2015

in which TWO goals get checked off!

oh, hi! it's only been like a year and a few months since i've posted, that's all. no big deal.
i'm upset that i haven't kept up with this blog but the thing is that so many things have happened in the past year that it hasn't exactly been on my priority list! but...the reason i'm here today is to write that i'm able to check off not one, but two things now.
#6 : give birth (!!!) and #29: give my husband the best birthday gift ever.
i'm not here to share my whole birth story, so don't worry - i won't give too many cringe worthy details, but here's a little bit about how it went down:
one month before our baby's due date, husband was in tampa for work, and i'm trying to go to sleep and realize that i feel as if i just ran a half marathon - i'm exhausted, out of breath and so thirsty that i feel like i could drink enough water to fill a bath tub at 2:30 in the morning. i am not one to go to the doctor for stuff, in fact, i avoid doctors at all costs. i don't have anything against them, i'm just cynical and feel like sometimes there's an overreaction and they're too quick to prescribe stuff, but that's for another post. but, being pregnant, i decided i would call my doctor first thing in the morning just go pop in and get checked out. so, i have an appointment set for 7:30am that next morning, and i'm dressed in a fancy skirt and heels, expecting to go to work in a few hours....
not so much.
after a few tests, my doctor tells me to call my husband, tell him to hop on the next plane, and cross the street to the hospital because i was going to need to be induced to get this baby out safely, as quickly as possible. i had pre-eclampsia that was pretty severe, so i needed to give birth fast to get rid of it. i naturally started crying immediately, because i was picturing giving birth without having my husband there in time, and the thought of that made me want to throw up everywhere. also, i know so many women laugh at 'birth plans' because, of course, anything and everything can go wrong during labor and your plan can go out the window. but, we still had a plan anyways and giving birth exactly one month early was NOT a part of it at all.
this is where i could go on & on & on & on about the 48 hours i was in the hospital before finally giving birth to luca, and the entire week we were there afterwards while he was in NICU, but i'll sum it up in a few short bursts:
bed rest for a total of 72 hours (even during labor, couldn't leave the bed!), anti-seizure medicine that made me feel like i was on fire, pre-eclampsia developing in to severe HELLP syndrome, rainbow pops from my husband that saved the day during contractions, blood draws every hour for 72 hours (even during contractions!), the nicest nurses in the universe, and a pain-med free birth all led to luca, 6lbs and 8oz of perfection, being born on march 19, 2015.
it was not at all the way we planned things or expected things to go, but man. i can honestly say that i would not have it any other way now. i am so happy he came one month early and that we have had extra time with him. he is happy and healthy and absolutely perfect in every way.
giving birth was even more empowering than i could have ever imagined and i won't lie - i felt like a complete badass after it was over, knowing i could do it on my own without medication made me feel incredibly strong and like i could do anything (seriously - like, if you need a car lifted up? call me. or maybe you would like me to fight a lion for you? i can do that). i wish everyone could have a husband like mine that made the process so much easier, too. he made me laugh when he needed to, brought me popsicles when he needed to, found the perfect pandora stations and let me squeeze his hand until it almost exploded.
which leads me to my next goal - i wouldn't necessarily count luca's birth as a birthday gift to my husband but he absolutely does and insists that i've crossed that off my list. i went in to labor with luca (induced) 2 days after the husband's birthday. so, in his head, that's close enough and i could never, ever top this birthday gift!
this was about one week before going in to the hospital: