Monday, December 19, 2011

a holiday jumble

I think I might be the world's worst & least consistent blogger. But I'm okay with that. I never put it on my 30before30 list to keep up with this thing...
Christmas is less than one week away, which is completely and utterly insane. I know people usually say that all the time, and pretend they're totally shocked year after year that Christmas lands on December 25th, but I am normally not that person. This year I am. Tucker and I leave for Guadalajara, Mexico on Thursday...maybe that's what has me so caught off guard. Not only am I spending Christmas with my family in Mexico for the first time since I was 15, but I get to take my husband who is going to absolutely love it there. I could not be more excited.
So let's get this started with a happy list, yes?

december happy list
+ (even though you just read this,) having the husband meet the family and get to know Guadalajara. One of my most favorite cities ever.
+ being off work for 6 days straight. It's been pretty stressful/frustrating here for the past week and I am going to really love this time off.
+ having a job that I love. Even though I just complained about it above, I truly enjoy my job and am so happy it's mine.
+ trying new eggnog with the husband when we do our gift exchange
+ pinterest. Dammit Pinterest, I really effing love you and you make me motivated to actually do things.

Now to more important things. Remember I posted here about removing #17 on my list and needing a replacement? I think my replacement is to become crafty. I realize that's a very "wide open" goal and there's nothing physical that I can use to say it's been accomplished, but again we come to the Pinterest thing. I've found so many things on there that I want to make/do and I feel like that's something I can get started on right away.
So this is the first thing I am going to make, now that I'm a crafty lady.
Pinned Image 
Elmer's glue on a canvas, then pain the canvas one color. I love that this is white, and it's a great way for me to add lightness to a dark room upstairs.

So, I've successfully replaced #17 on my list. Hopefully the trip to Mexico will allow me to start taking more pictures and work towards #12 - master taking photos the way I picture them in my brain. My dad is an amazing photographer that I can get tips from, and Mexico is an amazingly beautiful place that is very inspiring. When we come back from our trip, I'll do the obligatory "before new years" post and maybe some pictures will grace this blog. I don't think wrapping Christmas presents counts as being crafty, but just because I want to show you how cute it is, here's a picture of my wrapping paper this year.

OH and I almost forgot! I have joined a book club (yes, I know, I'm fancy), so I'm happily working toward reaching goal #11 on my list - read at least 2 books a month for one year. And I believe the trip will also help me accomplish that. BOOYAH, list.

Monday, December 5, 2011

guest post

I asked my best friend of 18 years to write HER 30before30 list so I could post it on here. I love seeing other people's "happy lists" on blogs, so why not share someone's list of goals? Here is hers. PS. #1 is referring to me. Thanks for the guilt trip. Also, since I AM her best friend, I think she might be referring to me in #2...awkward.

1) Visit Mexico with my best friend of 20+ years, as I've known her all my life and have yet to go
2) Fall in love for all the right reasons - to someone that not only shares my dreams, but is my best friend
3) Stop smoking. Find the will power within myself to better my health
4) Visit Greece - I made a bet with my brother years and years ago that I would be the first to go and lay on the beaches. I lost. 
5) Get married and live somewhere other than the place I've always been
6) Submit a piece of writing to a magazine, and have it published (not sure if I can do that without a degree? Guess I'll find out)
7) Learn another language. Understanding some Spanish doesn't count.
8) Mend my relationship with my dad, as hard as that may be. I do not want any regrets if it becomes too late one day.
9) Become closer to my younger brother and sister. They're growing up without knowing me, and I would love to know them
10) Let my mom teach me how to garden, as this is a passion she shares with her mother, and always wants me to learn. (I kill every plant given to me)
11) Meet someone new every year that I can say without a doubt that they've changed my life in some small, amazing way - and tell them that.
12) See something majestic. 
13) Go skydiving
14) Volunteer at Our Childrens House at Baylor. 
15) Find a career that I love. One that I look forward to everyday.
16) Learn to belly dance (this one makes me giggle)
17) Go on a canopy tour
18) Visit the Galapagos Islands
19) Watch a sumo wrestling match
20) Own my own home
21) Learn to read/enjoy non-fiction books 
22) Go on a road trip with my closest friends with no destination. Just see all the great things we can in the time we have
23) Become debt free
24) Learn to cook (taco bell can't last me forever)
25) Learn sign language
26) Redecorate my home each year
27) Stay in a bungalow in Bora Bora
28) Visit my grandparents more. It's been 7 years since I have. 
29) Learn how to surf
30) Write a book

Feel free to submit YOUR 30before30 or 40before40 or whatever life list you want! I'd love to share it.