Monday, March 14, 2016

checked off: #19!

i won't lie, i completely forgot that this goal was on my 30before30 list, but I'm so excited to cross it off! #19 on my list was to visit maui for our 5 year anniversary.
we got married in maui on march 1, 2011. and since the very day we got married, we said we would go back in 5 years because we absolutely fell in love with the place. shortly after luca was born, we decided to make that goal a reality and book our trip. we debated whether or not to bring him along, and after living through a 15 hour travel day just to get there, it's probably best that we decided against him. we will definitely be returning with him sometime in the next several years...when he's ready to adjust to a 4 hour time difference, and a total of 9 hours on a plane...but that time is not now!

our week was filled with lots of maui brewing company bikini blondes, delicious food, sand in ALL the places, more sunblock than two people should go through, the worst music ever in our rental car (why maui? why??? get better radio stations!), dinners and drinks with great friends, and about 20 whale sightings. we did a sunset whale watching cocktail cruise on the 2nd night, and absolutely l o v e d it. we saw lots of mama whales with their babies and they were showing off the whole time. the sunset was beautiful, and the cocktails were way strong, so we couldn't ask for a better time.
we also ziplined in the mountains of maui, and even though I thought I was going to die on the first line, I braved it and had such a great time. that's something we definitely hope to do again on another vacation!
here is an overload of pictures for us to remember what a great time we had:

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

checked off: #13!

goal #13 on my list is to decorate our forever home to reflect both my husband & i perfectly.
well. here's the thing.
'forever' is such a long time, right? and when you're 24 years old and creating a list of things to achieve before you're 30, you don't really realize how quickly things can change, and that 'forever' isn't very realistic at that age, necessarily. so, now 4 years later, we're moving out of the home we originally thought might be our forever home - luckily, we're moving to a house that we may love even a little bit more (didn't think that was possible), and starting a new adventure. so, in honor of this new adventure, i am still checking this goal off of my list because it's my list and i can do that.

we listed our house on tuesday morning, and i was really happy to get these pictures of the house to keep forever. as much as we will miss this house, we're both so, so excited to get to settle in to the new house (new state!). this house in austin was the first home we bought together, and where we brought luca home to. but, our new house will be the first one that he remembers, and we can't wait to make it feel like home.

bye, austin house! we will miss you.

(there used to be a really cool, big world map on the wall in the dining room below but we took it down for the purposes of listing the house)

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