Thursday, September 22, 2011

#21: start a regular yoga practice

I have officially started to work toward item number 21 on my list, "start a regular yoga practice"...well, I've kind of started. Today I visited Black Swan Yoga, a donation-based co-op that teaches daily yoga classes in downtown Austin. I went with my friend Lesley, who now knows about the blog, which means she is morally responsible for motivating me to reach this goal, because she got herself in to it. We may or may not have gone to the wrong kind of class for beginners (we did)...but we learned how to take really quick deep breaths & how to chant in unison! That's something, right?
We decided that maybe we should do our own at-home yoga classes together before venturing out in to the public yoga world again. But I feel good that we at least have a starting point. Tuesday nights will now be dedicated to yoga videos until we feel like we have all of the poses down and won't be immediately pinpointed as the newbs at a yoga class. Tuesday nights also means Rachel Zoe Project is on Bravo, what if we're defeating the whole purpose of clearing our minds of first world issues and meditation by watching the show after yoga? At least Lesley came up with the name "yozoe" for our Tuesdays, since we're combining the two. And everyone knows that coming up with a designated name validates everything. 
So, #21, you are far from conquered. But it's a start.

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