Tuesday, November 29, 2011

breaking the rules and asking for suggestions

I need to make one adjustment to my list. At first I wouldn't let myself change it, because that seemed wrong. But then I realized this is my own damn list and I make the rules. 
#17 on my list was to swim with the bioluminescent plankton in Puerto Rico. We're no longer going to Puerto Rico (for now...we might make our way there eventually), so I need to replace #17 with a different goal. And I have no idea what that should be. Any suggestions? Make sure it's not something a realist would pick (see previous post about that here).

I'll leave you with a Pinterest find, maybe to spark your imagination and help me find a replacement goal. The only word on the list below that I have heard of is 'saudade', because when I visited Brazil a few years ago, the people I met there told me that's how I would feel about leaving Brazil. But my 2 favorite words on the list are 'forelsket' (even though it may or may not sound like foreskin and that does not make you think about falling in love) and 'gheegle' because I am forever being made fun of for wanting to squish cute things.
Perhaps #17 can have something to do with incorporating new words in to my vocabulary.

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