Thursday, March 21, 2013

i'm back.

i am absolutely angry at myself after seeing how long it has been since my last post. but i promise i've got some really good excuses lined up! i really did not think that selling a house, moving in to a new one and training an 8 week class at work all at the same time would take up all of my time.
all of it.
but! the 8 week class is now over, our old house is sold & closed on (yay!) and the new house is about 80% complete, which means i can now get back to semi-regular blogging.
i've been dying to post pictures of the new house, but somehow during the move i managed to lose my camera charger and still have not found it. i could, of course, post iphone photos but i really don't feel like they'd do it justice and so i'm going to keep hunting for the charger for a little while longer before i give in. in the mean time, though -  i've been able to start on a few of my 30before30 goals even though i haven't been able to post about them. i've worked on goal #2 (learn to speak portuguese fluently) by getting rosetta stone, #9 (plant a thriving vegetable garden) - more on that later, and #13 (decorate our forever home to reflect both my husband & i perfectly). non goal related, there's also been some time spent celebrating the husband's birthday with margaritas and homemade ice cream thanks to some of our favorite people, sxsw shenanigans in our overcrowded city, exploring our new neighborhood, a lost maples trip with close friends and their kiddos, and lots of furniture shopping.
i'll be back within a few days to post more specifics about the 30before30 list that i've been working on, but in the mean time, this is what life has looked like for me -


  1. i love the new look of your blog ale!
    moving stinks, but moving in to a new home rocks! can't wait to see pics of it. :)

    1. thanks leah! i'm going to post a few pictures of the house next week for sure.


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