Monday, April 1, 2013

weekends were made for...

this weekend, the husband & i went on our annual trip to warrenton, tx to walk miles & miles at their antique festival in hopes of finding one or two treasures. this time around, we found three! (more on those later)
we've gone to warrenton for the past three years (i think) with his parents, and every year we get a little bit better at searching for things. or, if you're my husband, you get better at becoming the fastest-ever antique shopper. he looks in a "shop" for approximately .23 seconds and decides it's time to move on, whereas i'm more the "i-need-to-touch-and-inspect-everything" type of shopper.

we calculated that we walked several miles that day, and got more than one awkward tan line (me) and sunburn (him) - but it was worth it! we came home absolutely exhausted and as much as we wanted to spend sunday relaxing and letting our feet rest on the couch with a beer, we opted for spending six (SIX) hours in the yard with my wonderful in-laws, and raking up fifty (FIFTY) bags of leaves instead.
we planted daisies, ferns, climbing ivy, hung some cute little flowers, raked up the entire back yard and cleared out a very messy, enormous flower bed.

we apparently don't believe in relaxing easter weekends around here, but that's just the way i like it.


  1. I love the table with the baskets!! I might have to steal that idea. You are so lucky to live in a place where antique shopping is a possibility. Not so much here :( I shop vicariously through your adventures!

    1. i never really appreciated antique shopping until a few years ago, so i'm really thankful that i got in to it! thanks for stopping by

  2. Loving these photos and good find on the roller skates! Did you end up buying a pair? Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. thank you! i didn't end up buying any roller skates unfortunately - they weren't in very good shape :( thank you for stopping by!


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