Monday, October 7, 2013

europe pt. 3: barcelona

(see parts 1 and 2 of these europe posts here and here.)

oh, barcelona. 
i am so, so glad that we decided to end the trip there. both tucker & i agreed it was our favorite city that we visited on the trip, and it was the best of all worlds. it felt like a beach-city, a huge urban, sprawling city or a small neighborhood rolled in to one. as i mentioned in the first europe post, we went through vrbo and rented an apartment that we absolutely loved. the neighborhood we were in, barceloneta, is an easy 5 minute walk to the beach, and has tons of great bars, restaurants and bakeries surrounding it. it's also a short 15 minute walk to las ramblas...we got very used to that walk, as that was where both of my brothers rented their apartments. it was such a walkable city, which we really loved - with the exception of our trek to the airport on the last day, we barely had to use our subway passes.
we spent a total of 4 nights in barcelona, and because they were the last few days of our two week trip, our legs were finally starting to give out on us and let us know that walking 15 miles per day is not normal. we didn't really rest until the last day we were there, though, which allowed us to see everything we wanted to see. the sagrada familia was, of course, incredible. even though we got there early, we did have to wait in line for about an hour and a half but it was worth it. i'd say my favorite "sight" in barcelona was park guell - an enormous, hilly park where gaudi's house has been turned in to a museum and is surrounded by a ton of his other creative works. tucker & i packed a picnic and spent several hours there, and i'd highly recommend it to anybody. 
i also had some of my most favorite meals & drinks in barcelona (i really love cava. like, really love it.) and we just cannot wait to eventually go back. 

(the building that our apartment was in is from the 1800's and had original brick walls!)

until next time, europe!!!

(ps. i checked off a goal on the 30before30 list! new and updated: right here)


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  2. Hi there! I'm new to your blog, and I'm thoroughly enjoying your 30 before 30 list! What a super neat idea, and I love that you've made it very specific. Barcelona sounds like a wonderful dream vacay- I had a friend who studied abroad there, and her tales about the city were absolutely beautiful to hear! These photos are amazing!

    Simply Akshara

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely vacation...I will one day in the future visit Europe and the info. you've included here will serve as a good start since ive never been. The pictures were all beautiful, but I have to agree with you on the Barcelona destination being my favorite. Keep me posted on your next travel adventures. This is a dream of a lifetime trip....thanks again for sharing it via pics.



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