Monday, January 7, 2013

weekends were made for...

it was cold enough this weekend for me to justify wearing a hat out to a dinner date on friday! not just cold for texas, but actually cold
the rest of the weekend, there were delicious bloody marys at brunch, hangin' with some of my favorite kitties (which meant getting that cute key from their mom), appreciating homemade gifts from far-off friends (that texas mug leads to a picture of ohio, where she is), and that last picture? that would be me purging. 
does anyone else watch house hunters renovations on hgtv? well, i do. i'd go so far as to say that i'm a teeny bit obsessed with it. and this morning while the husband & i were watching it, i mentioned how much i loathe packing. i mean, i despise it. and since we'll be moving sometime in the next several months, i figure i might as well start clearing things out now so that i'll have less work to do when the time comes. so i'm donating or selling things that i haven't worn in months and that i know i feel okay parting with. i even had a box full of purses/bags that i brought when i moved in with tucker (two and a half years ago!) and haven't opened since. i think it's fair to say i won't be missing those? it feels sooo good to see how nice & organized my closet can actually here's to keeping it that way.

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