Thursday, January 3, 2013

first sunday night supper

i hosted my first sunday night supper a few nights ago (well, on sunday. obviously) - so that means that i've gotten started on goal #14 on my 30before30 list!
i decided to make a really simple dinner since the point of sunday night supper, in my eyes at least, is to have a lot of conversation over several glasses of wine and not to have to leave your guests while you're working the stove or worrying about burning something. so my trusty crock pot took care of some creamy chicken, the oven took care of the easiest roasted red potatoes with bacon and parmesan, and i made dressing for the salad hours before anyone was over. i had the full intention of making honey almond ice cream, and then...i didn't. (ladies - i promise this will be at the next sunday night supper that i host! and i also promise i'll take more pictures, i was just too excited at this one and got distracted.)
we also assigned hostesses for the next several suppers - january, february, march and april are already taken care of, and then it comes back to me! i'm completely happy that this technically means a tradition has been started...right? i'm definitely not crossing this off my list until we're at least 6 months in, because that's when i'll really feel like it's fair.

do you ever host monthly (or bi-monthly or quarterly??) dates with your lady friends? if not, i'd say it's a good time to start.

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