Monday, August 12, 2013

summer to-do list update + europe stuff.

you'd think that summertime would be the easiest time to keep a blog updated, with the 105 degree days that keep me inside for the hottest hours of the day, the non-stop pictures i've been taking and the overall fact that it's just summer. but, nope.
clearly you can tell this is not the case for me.
although, i do have a few updates from my summer to-do list! 2 weeks ago i posted an update: here, and i'm now happily able to cross of #6 which is to read 4 books between now and the day we left for europe. we still have six weeks until we leave!!! which means i'll probably reach this goal 2 or 3 times over, but that's not a bad thing. in the past 2 weeks, i've read:
1. this is how you lose her, by junot diaz. (one of my all time favorite books is another one by this same author, called the brief wondrous life of oscar wao. if you haven't read it and you don't mind crude humor, please read it. it is so, so good)
2. the fault in our stars, by john green. (i am not a person that cries with books, you guys. it's just not my thing. movies? yes, i'll cry approximately every 10 minutes, but not books. this one here is the exception. at one point i'm pretty sure there was a snot bubble coming out of my nose. this book is great)
3. where'd you go, bernadette: a novel, by maria semple. (this. book. is. hilarious. and sweet. and weird. what more could you want in a book?)
4. the dharma bums, by jack kerouac. (this is my go-to book. i've ready it probably 6 times between the time i was 15 and now, and it's one of my favorite summertime books)
now that you got my riveting book reviews, i've also planted a few tiny and adorable succulents...there will be more to come since now i want them all over my house. so here's the current list update:
1. host a summer party
2. go to hamilton pool
3. take a day off work during the week to enjoy austin
4. use my nikon more
5. finally check off goal #5: bake my own sourdough bread
6. read 4 books between now & the time we leave for europe
7. plant some succulents and/or create terrariums
8. keep up the yoga routine i have so far

there's also a very important piece of information that has come to my attention this past week:
both of my brothers (and their ladies!) will be joining tucker + i for part of our europe trip in six weeks.
we get the best of both worlds because the first week of the trip will be just the 2 of us, doing our own thing and filling the days however we decide to fill them. and the last week will be full of family and running around and itineraries and i'm sure tons, and tons of pictures. these six weeks could not possibly get here any sooner.
but of course, not too soon since i do have 4 more things to check off of my summer to-do list. so i guess i should get on that.

since i still haven't gotten around to photographing the entire house (and let's be honest, it's not quite ready for that. still. after 6 months of living here), here are some tidbits and corners, and a calligraphy version of our wedding vows that we are frame-hunting for:




  1. I agree that "The Fault In Our Stars" is a good book. I too was in tears by the end of it.

    1. yeah, i kept myself together until like the last 10 pages!!! lesson learned.

  2. your blog is very wonderful... i love your book recommendations! and great summer to-do!


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