Friday, June 21, 2013

first day of summer + mini summer to-do list

happy first day of summer!
back in april, when it usually starts feeling like summer here in austin, i posted my summer to-do list which includes:
1. host a summer party
2. go to hamilton pool
3. take a day off work during the week to enjoy austin
4. use my nikon more, and
5. finally check off goal #5: bake my own sourdough bread.
i'm feeling a little ambitious and wanted to add a few things to it...what better day to add to a summer to-do list than the first day of summer?
so here we go:
6. read 4 books between now and the time we leave for europe.(september 17...remember i checked off goal #11 - to read at least one book a month for one year? i want to get back in to it)
7. plant some succulents and/or create succulent terrariums.
(this is one type of plant my cat won't eat)
8. keep up the yoga routine i have going so far.
goal #21 on my list is to start a regular yoga practice. i mentioned a few weeks ago that i've been going to sweaty yoga 1-2 times per week for the past 7 weeks now, and i am going to try really hard to make sure that stays consistent. once i reach six months, i feel confident that i can cross it off my list because at that point, i know i'll keep it up!
1 // 2 // 3
(ps. i've already scheduled off work on july 12th to spend an austiny day with the husband & maybe some friends galavanting around town, and a summer party is in the works. so far, so good!)
what's on your summer to-do list?


  1. Oh wow, that yoga photo makes me miss being a dancer. I did some pilates for the first time in ages the other day, and was nothing short of horrified by how inflexible I am now! So depressing! Is it Bikram yoga that you do? Is it good? :)

    1. luckily i think your body will quickly go back in to its flexible state! yes i do bikram and i do sweaty yoga which is the less intense version - i absolutely LOVE it and it has helped so much with my flexibility. highly recommend it!

  2. I desperately want a little garden of succulents. And I need to get back into yoga. I have quite the summer to do list!!

    1. i'm hoping to get my little succulents going this weekend :) i'll post an update, of course!


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