Monday, November 28, 2011

how a sitcom got me thinking.

I heard the above quote the other day while watching the show Modern Family with the husband. He immediately looked over at me and smirked, and I knew what he was thinking: he's the dreamer, and I'm the realist. HOW BORING AND TERRIBLE IS THAT? I see where he's coming from - I'm constantly reminding him to not be TOO positive in his thinking (for example, don't overshoot on estimating that holiday bonus we get at work...), but I do it because I'd much, much rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. Not that there's really anything (too) wrong with being a realist, but I don't want to be a straight-up realist. I'd love to be a drealist. A dreamer who is realistic in her thinking. And maybe that's what this blog is about, anyway. So at first, I was thinking, "is my list too full of 'realistic' things, other than things I've dreamed of my whole life"? So I came to my blog prepared to bulk up my list full of ridiculous, almost unachievable things, but then I really read through my list again. I mean...I think it's kind of a dreamer mentality to assume that I'll be able to master photos the way my idol's take them, go to Greece, see the Northern Lights, visit Spain, learn to tango, become fluent in Portuguese and give birth in 5 years! If I met someone who did all of that in that amount of time, I'd definitely high five them.
For a while I struggled with seeing all these people I went to high school with (some of them younger than me) post pictures of their insane, world-traveled lives. I mean, people who couldn't form a proper sentence as a high school Junior were suddenly in Bangkok working at PR firms, or in Buenos Aires hosting their own TV shows. Really? How the hell did that happen? I'd see old friends of mine posting pictures from Australia and then no more than a week later, they were in Greece. Needless to say, I was a bit jealous. And when I say "a bit", what I mean is that I was foaming at the mouth. I had all of these travel dreams I wanted to achieve and either nobody to go with me (I'm scared to go alone...I've seen Taken. And Locked up Abroad on NatGeo.), or nobody I could count on to follow through on travel plans.
But then I met my husband. One of the things I told him I loved about him when we first started dating was that he doesn't just dream up things, he actually achieves them. Always. And even though we get made fun of for planning our lives 3 years in advance (and I'll admit, sometimes I wish we didn't have a plan yet for next November), I know that we'll get to my list. And I know that we'll get to his.
So, husband, thank you for getting me off the ground. And thank you for making this list seem as important as if it was your own.

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