Monday, November 7, 2011

#12 - master taking photos the way i picture them in my brain

Let me start off this post by saying that I'm a terrible, sorry excuse for a blogger. I get so caught up in reading other people's awesome, inspiring, creative blogs and instead of thinking "good idea for an update!", I think "shit. Well I can't top that"...but I've come to the realization that I'm totally okay with that, as long as I just use this to keep trying to cross my entire list off.
This post is an inspiration of sorts for me. Goal #12 on my 30before30 list was to master taking photos the way I picture them in my brain. I've never been able to pinpoint the kind or type of photography that I love doing. That's probably because I say I enjoy photography (a LOT), but I never go out of my way to make it a real hobby. One that I can say I've done several times in a month, or that I've practiced at to become perfect. So here are some links with photographs or photo projects that I've compiled for the last few weeks and are SO, so, so inspirational. They range from portraits of families (with badass, tattooed rockstar parents, or jewelry-maker-gone-interior-designer-moms, of course. Who else would I want to photograph??), to homes that are beautifully decorated, to children with some super intense, show-stopping gazes. 
Hopefully this will get me off my ass and get me in gear to reach this goal. Soon.

1. Families Project. I love the idea of candids of a family, as one of my goals is to take weekly pictures of my children (preferably with my husband as a regular in the photos, too). These are very simple photos, but they express a lot.

& Link to project: Here

2. Kimberly Coole. She is a freelance travel photographer. Which equals my dream. No big deal or anything. 
Link to project: Here

3. Philip Klinger. He takes amazing architecture photography, that's simple and not overly edited.

& Link to photostream: Here

4. Lonngren/Widell Photography. The portfolio consists of everything from portraits, to lifestyle, to still life, but I mostly love their Interior Design photography. How fun would it be to invade people's personal, private spaces and see what they keep in there?! 

& Link to gallery: Here

I'll try to do a weekly or bi-weekly roundup of inspiring photos for myself, stay tuned! 
PS. I actually got RAINED on during my run this morning!!! I never thought I'd see rain again, much less feel it. 

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