Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY round up

in order to help me achieve #17 on my list - to become crafty - i decided to round up some of my favorite DIY's that i've seen in the past few weeks/months. hopefully i'll have a craft night sometime in the very near future and can post pics of a completed DIY's been a long time since that happened.

1. diy cheese platter. (this also perfectly ties in to another 30before30 goal: start a sunday night supper tradition. cheese platters are the best way to start a dinner party anyways)

2. some nail art diy's that are so cute...i have a shaky hand when i'm painting my own nails, so this will most likely end up looking like an abstract painting, but it's worth a shot.

3. a diy color block recipe box. all my printed & written recipes are sloppily laying in a cupboard in my kitchen. i'm thinking that this will look much, much cuter.

4. diy votives. i'm thinking these also tie in to the sunday night supper goal - they'd be cute spread around the tables outside in the fall.

5. a pretty, diy way to keep away mosquitoes. mosquitoes absolutely love me. i'm that person that stands outside and gets 100 bites while nobody even notices there's a mosquito around. so this could really come in handy, since we're trying to spend lots of time in the backyard.

i have such a hard time doing my own hair. meaning that i don't have the patience for it, so 99.9% of the time, my hair just air dries and i work with what i've got. but this, i could try for the next wedding we go to.

7. a diy cocktail serving tray. serving your guests their cocktails on trays just seems so much fancier than handing it to them, no?

what do you think - would you try any of these?
is anyone else trying (unsuccessfully) to become a crafty lady, like me?

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