Wednesday, August 1, 2012

motivated wednesday: interiors edition

i've seen so many pictures of interiors that are making me swoon lately, so i'm dedicating another motivated wednesday post to share them with you (see the first post here). one of my goals on my 30before30 list is geared towards decorating (decorate our "forever" home to reflect both my husband & i perfectly), so i'll use these as motivation when we find that home.

the beautiful wythe hotel in brooklyn, that is a renovated factory. i absolutely love all the windows, and the (mostly) simplistic design.

these before & after pictures of an awesome kitchen re-do. it's no secret that i love white kitchens (proof of that here & here) , and this is definitely no exception.

and another:

now, i don't think a trapeze bar will make its way in to my house anytime soon, but what a badass mom, no? they clearly are the "go-to" house for all their friends.

i know that none of us need an excuse to want to visit greece, but...just in case you did, here it is. a stunning hotel in mykonos that i would love to live in forever, please. it has the most perfect lighting imaginable, and everything is so perfectly clean & simple.

if i could read the source page for these images, i would let you know where this beautiful house was located. but unfortunately, it's in neither english or spanish, so i'm at a loss. but it's gorgeous, nonetheless! and the exterior isn't so bad either.


which one is your favorite?

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