Monday, December 31, 2012

closing out the year.

i'm very, very excited for 2013 to start as i know i've got a ton to look forward to and a lot to work towards. i've decided that as far as my 30before30 list goes, i'm going to focus on crossing off #15: visit spain, #2: start learning to speak portuguese fluently, #7: starting a movie night tradition, & #13: decorate our "forever home" to reflect both my husband & i perfectly.
i know i shouldn't play favorites, but...i'm most excited about #13.

but before i get too excited about 2013, i might as well do a photo recap of what happened around these parts in 2012 (aka: a photo dump).

a craft night at my house making sugar and salt scrubs, starting to get a yoga routine together, visiting new orleans with tucker for our one year anniversary and checking off a vineyard tour with the ladies.

redoing our backyard and making a promise to spend as much time as we can out there, went to lots of shows this year {picture is at the black keys concert}, started training for my half marathon {and learned how to enjoy running!}

had an amazing 25th birthday spent in the bahamas with some of the best people around

now to end the year juuuust right, we're staying in with a few friends, a big pot of chili, lots of ice cold shiners (and champagne too, don't worry), and a fire pit in the backyard. 
i really could not have asked for a better year and i'm so, so excited to get started on crossing off goals for fact, one of them technically got crossed off last night, but i'll get in to that later this week.

happy new year!


  1. Those bahamas pictures make me want to catch a flight to an exotic warm place right away :)

  2. OMG those beach pictures are soooo gorgeous! Wauw!!

    Love from the Netherlands!

    1. the water was absolutely gorgeous! i'd love to be back there right about now. thank you for stopping by!


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