Tuesday, June 18, 2013

seattle, you are lovely.

we're back from seattle!
 i mentioned last week that we were flying up there because my super smart older brother got his master's from university of washington. both the husband & i had been to seattle, but we had never been there together so we were excited to get 4 days to explore. and since it became a pretty big family trip (tucker & i, mom & stepdad, dad, step sister & her wife and of course brother & his girlfriend), i was prepared for a non-stop family-filled weekend. but we were able to get the perfect balance of family time + alone time, and had one of the best trips we've ever been on.
it helps that the hottest it got was 76 degrees, and that there was not a single mosquito in sight...which for these texans was pretty much the equivalent of heaven.
i'd say we walked a combined 10 miles throughout the weekend and learned how small seattle really is because we now know we saw so much of it on foot. but all that walking allowed us to do everything we wanted to do - we stopped at art galleries, found fantastic little breakfast spots on our way to our hotel, spotted perfect little brick houses with the most beautiful ivy climbing up the walls, and i got to wear in my new converse that are now not as white as when i got them :)
all that walking also allowed us to realize just how ridiculously beautiful seattle is. i mean, we both quickly realized that on the trips that we've made there before, but it is just pretty near perfect. i can definitely say that it's one of the cleanest cities i've been to, and i can really appreciate a place that is so loved that it's residents actually take care of it - can't you?
as much as i was cursing the steep, steep hills when i was walking up them, when we would turn around to look down the hill, it was so worth it. you could see the water on one side, adorable unique homes climbing up a hill on the other, and nothing but green on another side.
and sure, it rains a hell of a lot in seattle and sometimes there's no sunshine seen for weeks, but hey! we were there for four days with nothing but sunshine and perfect weather, so let's pretend that's how it is all the time, okay?

if you've never been to seattle - you have to go, and make sure you go in june or july. we've now been a combined 5 times, so if you ever need tips on restaurants/bars/parks, etc, let me know! i'd be happy to send them your way.


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  1. fabulous photos! would love to go around Seattle one day!


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