Monday, July 15, 2013

summer to-do list: update

near the end of june i posted my summer to-do list right: here.
i decided to put 8 goals on there because 5 just seemed too easy. and i was able to cross of 2 things already:
hosting a summer party & take a day off during the week to enjoy austin (this may seem like a strange one, but i'm super picky about when i use my time off work! i usually set a rule that i won't take a day off unless i'm leaving the city limits which ensures that i always have enough time for vacations, so i forced myself to make an exception here).
we had a small group of friends over the first weekend in july - we played ping pong, tapped out a little half keg, snacked on fruit skewers and chicken taquitoes and our friends were kind enough to stock our bar with several bottles of vodka and wine! they do know us afterall. and while i fully intended to use my nikon to take pictures of the party (since it's part of my to-do list), it just didn't work out that way. between baking more rounds of tostaditas and taquitoes and making sure my cat wasn't having a heart attack (he's skiddish), my iphone was just so much more convenient. so here are a few snapshots of the day:
then a few days after the party, the husband & i took a day off of work to go to krause springs with our friends john & jamie. but since i made the goal specifically to "enjoy austin" during the week, we also attempted to make a stop for early morning bbq (that's the best kind of bbq) at franklin bbq (named the best bbq in america by bon appetit! no big deal), but decided that time spent at krause springs was more important than the 2+ hours we would've spent in line at we headed to kerbey lane, which counts just as much since it's an austin staple. 
after we had very full biscuit bloated bellies, we headed to krause springs and it was every bit as beautiful and fun as we were hoping it would be. we kept extending our time ("we'll leave at 3! okay, we'll leave at 4. maybe we should leave at 5??") because we all wanted to live there permanently.

here's what's left on my summer to-do list:
1. host a summer party
2. go to hamilton pool
3. take a day off work during the week to enjoy austin
4. use my nikon more
5. finally check off goal #5: bake my own sourdough bread
6. read 4 books between now & the time we leave for europe
7. plant some succulents and/or create terrariums
8. keep up the yoga routine i have so far


  1. I love your list.
    I've always wanted to try yoga, but I am so uncoordinated, I know it's fantastic for anxiety, and I sure as heck could use a lot less of that! lol By the way your little bento with the crackers/nuts/fruits looks so healthy and delicious. I'll have to prepare myself something similar for lunch tomorrow ♥


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