Tuesday, July 2, 2013

exactly four years left to complete my list!

today is my 26th birthday, friends!
yep, the big two-six. it's got quite a ring to it, no? that means that i now have exactly 4 years to complete this list of mine...which has got me a little worried because i have quiiite a few things to check off.
but luckily, i'm married to the cutest man ever who takes my list very seriously (more on that in this post: here), and got me a hot air balloon ride for my birthday - in case you don't have my 30before30 goals memorized, that would be #18 on my list. it's not going to happen for a few months because of the fact that it's in the mid 90's by 8am here in austin. so we're thinking of saving it until maybe october or november, but you know there will be an update on that.
but what this all means is that i should be able to cross off at least six things off my during my 26th year. these are the ones i have planned so far for the next 12 months:
- learn how to bake my own sourdough bread
-plant a thriving vegetable garden (already started!)
-finish decorating our forever home
-visit spain
-ride in a hot air balloon
-start (and keep) a regular yoga practice (already working on this, too)
and who knows what else might present itself as an opportunity to be crossed off - you hear that, radiohead? want to start touring soon so i can cross that goal off??
i am so, so looking forward to this year of my life and am beyond excited to get it started.


  1. I love that you have this list...it has definitely inspired me to create one of my own! On to that now... :)

    1. aw, thank you! good luck creating yours...feel free to send it my way :)


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