Wednesday, October 19, 2011

happy things

I'm copying fellow bloggers and making a happy list today, since I haven't posted in an entire week. Even though the bloggers that I'm copying from are ridiculously well known and keep their blogs updated daily, I'm still lumping myself in their same category, so what?

10 Things That Are Currently Making Me The Happiest Ale Ever
1. I finally got to put on a sweater this morning. I may be hot by 2:00, but I don't give a damn.
2. Being super duper smitten over my husband & talking about our 1 yr anniversary trip to New Orleans (& everything we're going to eat! & all the pictures I'm going to take!).
3. Food truck festival this weekend. I'm going to eat like a madman, then work out extra on Sunday!
4. Canceling my gym membership. This may not seem like a good thing, but I'm working out more than ever without it! This will force me to keep up my running training.
5. Being less than 2 months away from introducing Tucker to my favorite city to visit: Guadalajara.
6. Seeing picture updates of my niece & nephew. I just want to squeeze them all the time.
7. Getting Christmas present ideas! Not for me, but for others. I love, love, love buying presents. But even moreso, I love, love, love buying presents without lists so that people are surprised!
8. My Nescafe that I'm drinking right this instant. Don't judge: instant coffee (especially Mexican instant coffee) is where it's AT.
9. Lusting over a Michael Kors watch. This probably shouldn't be on my "happy" list, but when I eventually buy myself that damn watch, I WILL BE SO HAPPY.
10. Reaching my yoga goal on my 30before30 list. Since I posted the list, I've done yoga twice a week, which to me sounds pretty "regular". But I'm not counting it as achieved until I've done it for a couple of months. I'm getting close, I think!

Feel free to post YOUR happy list! It's fall, everyone has a reason to be happy.


  1. what a great list! thanks for the comment on letitbe! excited to find your blog, especially since your an austin blogger! i went to school at UT and have lots of friends and family still there. pretty jealous you get to live there!

  2. sorry for the delayed response! thank you :)
    I love living in austin, and try not to take it for granted! hopefully we'll be here for a long, long time.


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