Monday, March 12, 2012

motivated monday: sunday night supper edition

It's SXSW week here in Austin which is my favorite week of the year here! Even though it gets overcrowded and traffic is even worse than normal, there's something about great bands, free alcohol, free food and great street style that just makes most of us forget about the hoards of people that come along with it. And luckily, the weather has decided to go from 40 degrees with downpours to 70 degrees with perfectly sunny skies just in time! In honor of SXSW and this glorious weather that it's brought along with it, I'm doing a sort of spring edition today for my Motivated Monday post. We're about 2 weeks away from being done with the backyard re-do which means:
backyard parties!
As I've mentioned before, I have a goal of starting a Sunday night supper tradition. I'm not one for stuffy dinner parties, so now that the husband got his birthday present (a big duo grill), these Sunday night suppers will be full of good food and strong drinks on hot nights!
So I'll take my inspiration from there.

Make your own flavored lemonades. Of course in the Norris house, this means that these will also have vodka in them. But aren't they pretty?! I'm all about that green one - cucumber mint limeade. Follow the source link for recipes.

This is what my hair looks like during the summer/springtime. It gets too damn hot in Texas to pretend that I can wear my hair down every day. And I'm super happy that the super tightly pulled back bun is gone, I'll be hosting parties with this look:

I'm a sucker for bold type. Aren't these decanters the best?? I'd love to have these set out for a bbq. But knowing me, I'd accidentally mix them up when pouring the alcohol in, and people would get a rum sunrise instead.

Supposedly the "best pasta sauce I'll ever have"! I'm down for it. I'm also down for a simple recipe that can feed lots of people.

I'm determined to get some big slabs of chalkboard or something I can paint with chalkboard paint for occasions like this:

Gasp! Don't these caprese tarts look amazing?? They might take some practice to perfect before I host the first dinner party, which means that I get to practice eating them too.

And lastly, for me:

PS. I'm getting really close to being able to cross off #3 on my list: go on a girl's trip to a vineyard!

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