Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{play} me in october + venting

let me preface this post by saying that i hate debbie downers. i really do.
this whole "fml" thing is one of the most obnoxious phrases that i've ever heard, and i know way too many people who use it all. the. time.
now, that being said - i've had a rough month. insomnia is catching up with me in a bad way...i'm emotional and scatterbrained. i don't think one should be able to go two months with just 3-ish hours of sleep a night! and our house keeps basically pushing us out the door by giving us more and more annoying signs that we temporarily don't want to be homeowners, and we don't want the responsibility of having to pay for everything and fix everything on our own! and we all know how working 1:00-10:00pm is just so fun, right? leaves a lot of time to spend with a husband who's gone half the month for work.
ok, rant over. and i didn't even say fml once.

here's a playlist i've been listening to lately that's been cheering me up...
oh and speaking of cheer, shiner cheer is out. my favorite beer of the year! that's also making me feel better.
on to the playlist:

picture source - my iphone

and a reminder, post-venting session-

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  1. All you're going through sucks.. but the quote is so right. I read on a another blog and was telling my husband about it the other day.. when you complain about your job be grateful for the fact that you actually have one, that home that is falling apart, well at least you have one.. and when we look at it like that.. life starts to look pretty good.


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