Monday, October 8, 2012

weekends were made for...

coming home from a late shift to wine, brie and crackers from the husband,

testing out scarves + getting photobombed by oliver,

birthday parties that include pinatas, authentic mexican food, and hilarity,

lazy sundays in which i can spend 2 hours reading in bed,

and actually needing to keep my ears warm during a run (it was 55 degrees!)

i had a very fun weekend and am only slightly sad that i work until 10pm 4 nights this week. only slightly.
i went for a really, really good run this morning that i feel great about, and i had avoided that run all weekend. i'm still a little bit in shock about the fact that i had to keep my ears warm, and run with a hoodie. and honestly, that concerns me because of the fact that yesterday was exactly 2 months before my half marathon. and if it's 55 degrees now, in the first half of october, who knows what it'll be on december 9th?! i'm sure it'll be back up to 85 by tomorrow though, who am i kidding.
on a totally different note, here's a sneak peek at a craft night i had with lesley last week - full post will be done within the week!

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