Monday, October 1, 2012

weekends were made for...

intensely watching longhorns games from 3 hours away,

getting to snuggle with these two,

green tea + stripes + leopard,

enjoying the last of our summer-like flowers in the backyard,

and really taking in this weather. love, love, loving it.

as i mentioned on friday, we spent the weekend in dallas with my family - it was great! we got in some movie time, lots of foodie-time and planning time. i've noticed that when my family gets together, the only solid plans we have are those that revolve around food. 
anyone else find that to be the case with their family? we'll have no idea what we're doing for 3 days, but we know exactly what we're going to be eating.
 the fact that it was in the 70's this september...kind of blew my mind, and i'm pretty much in heaven. i really didn't want to go for a run last night because i was feeling lazy, but the weather gave me no excuse. and i was damn glad i went, because it felt great!

i hope your weekend was just as good - i'll be back in a day or two.


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