Monday, October 22, 2012

weekends were made for...

finally getting some sleep! (i know you can't tell because of my glasses, but this was after a very restful night's sleep, which hasn't happened in weeeeeeks), 

perfect saturday mornings in the backyard,

spending time in creepy halloween stores,

dinner dates with a handsome husband,

drinks with friends,

kitties that look drunk from happiness,

amazing brunches,

and work parties that don't suck.

on a note unrelated to weekends - 
has anyone else started their christmas shopping?
last year i was done buying gifts by thanksgiving, and let me tell you - it felt awesome. so my plan is to do that this year again. i used to be one of those last minute shoppers and then i learned that i don't deal with holiday stress very well.

i promise to post more than once this week! hope you have a great monday.


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