Tuesday, November 6, 2012

images that inspire: {road trippin'}

goal #26 on my 30before30 list is to go on a road trip - a real road trip, like driving more than just a few hours. so a few months ago, i posted about a road trip from austin to marfa, tx. this time around, my dream road trip will take me further...a lot further. 
technically, this would only be half a road trip, though...stay with me.
i'm thinking a flight from austin to san francisco - i know it's starting off with a flight, but there's still a car involved later. my ideal trip would be:

austin, tx - san francisco, ca (flight)
san francisco, ca - redwood forest, ca
redwood forest - portland, or
portland, or - seattle, wa
seattle, wa- austin, tx (flight)

this would be a time consuming road trip, but i definitely think it's worth the time. here's what i'm picturing:

spending a few days in san francisco - biking across golden gate bridge, visiting the ferry building for amazing food, wandering and thrifting through haight-ashbury, driving out to tony's for oysters & beer, and snacking at tartine.

to start my trip north, i'd rent a car in san francisco and head to the redwoods to camp- no plans here other than taking in the sheer size of the trees.

from muir woods, a long drive north will get me to portland, oregon. a few days here would be filled with taste testing at local breweries, resting our heads at the ace hotel, eating a must-eat voodoo donut, and visiting the japanese gardens.

when it's time to finally head to seattle, i'll skip the big tourist spots (space needle, the experience music project, etc) since i've already been there. instead, i'd hike at heather lake, have drinks at the super hip zig zag cafe, visit their amazing central library, & eat at lowell's (since it is, afterall, a staple).

ideally, i'd add vancouver canada to this trip too, but really...who has that much time off of work?! 
even without vancouver in the mix, though, i'd say this would be one hell of a trip. anyone in??


  1. oh this sounds perfect... i have yet to road trip along the west coast..

    1. i've visited the west coast, but never road tripped it either! let's do it :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! Love the photos.


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