Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 is nearly over.

is that dramatic to say? that 2012 is nearly over, when it's not december yet? oh well, i've been known to be dramatic here & there. really, i know this is one of the most cliche phrases ever, but i'll say it anyway - this year has gone by so quickly. 
it's making me start thinking of which goals i want to focus on for 2013. i'm hoping that by the end of december/2012, i'll be able to have 5 goals crossed off my list (i realize that's not very much time, but i'm working really hard on it!).

so, since accomplishing goals has obviously been on my mind, i figured should ask -
do you do new years resolutions? if so, how often do you actually accomplish them?
last year on new year's eve, the husband & i went out to dinner and started talking about the things that we wanted to accomplish in 2012. he set his mind on 4 main goals and is very close to accomplishing all of them, which is great! me, on the other hand, not so much. but now that i've gotten the hang of things and set a timeline up in my head for some of the things on my 30before30 list, i think i should be good to go for next year, and then the next 4 years after that.

maggie's mighty girl life list is the one that got me motivated to start my 30before30 list. some of the goals on her list that i love are:
ride a camel in the desert,
make a peaceful living space,
institute chocolate and champagne wednesdays (what a great idea!),
set foot on all seven continents,
and sleep in a treehouse (that's on my list, too!)

what are you going to work on for 2013?


  1. I'm really really terrible at setting and keeping goals. So thank goodness for new years and new months and new weeks so I can continually try again.

    Love that quote! Thanks for sharing.


    1. i never kept ANY of my past new years resolutions, so...we'll see how 2013 goes. good luck with yours!!


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