Wednesday, May 23, 2012

motivated wednesday

Hey, guess who went to a 6am bikram class this morning? Yeah, that's right...this girl. I looked and acted like a monster this morning when I woke up at 5:20, but dammit, I made it to class and it was even better than the first class on Sunday. My breathing was a little more steady and I didn't even consider leaving the room once! That's progress, my friends. I downed some coconut water immediately after leaving the class - I think I chugged the whole container without taking a single breath. But still...progress.

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post: motivation! 

motivating me to accomplish goal #14: start a sunday night supper tradition
how awesome are these banana pops? they may be aimed at children, but i know i would personally love to make these at a casual dinner party.

these are made up of 4 things that i cannot live without, and could easily eat every day. cheese, tomatoes, olives and cucumbers. perfect.

plus, a whole beautiful blog dedicated to sunday suppers!

motivating me to accomplish goal #17: become crafty
geode bottle stoppers! we have enough wine/liquor in the house to warrant making some cute bottle stoppers. whether that's good or bad, i don't know. but i'm making these regardless.

motivating me to accomplish goal #22: sleep in a tree house
this place looks incredible!

motivating me to accomplish goal #1: visit santorini, greece with husband
i can't get over how amazingly beautiful this home is in greece. click the source for more pictures, of course.

Also, there's no photos for these two motivators, but I am:
 42 days away from the Bahamas &
 199 days away from my first half marathon

So with that being said:

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