Wednesday, May 16, 2012

motivated wednesday: iPhone edition

I take way too many pictures, I'll happily admit that. So every now and then, I'll go through my photos on my phone and delete the ridiculous ones that I never really do anything with. But as I was doing that this morning, I decided that maybe all of the pictures I have on my phone are an equivalent to a motivated Wednesday post. Because damn, I've had a lot of fun these past few weeks.
I have been completely and utterly burned out (burnt out?) at work. Busier than I've ever been, and just exhausted when I get home. But! I've also had the best weekends ever lately, as mentioned in my last post, and in the past month we've had lots and lots of out of town visitors. So today I'm letting my iPhone create my Motivated Wednesday post, because going through these photos has motivated me to stop complaining about how tired I've been from work lately and reminded me that I've got pretty much the best husband, friends and family ever.
So, here are the last 3 weeks as seen through my iPhone:
(disclaimer: if you are my friend on Instagram, you've seen 90% of these)

This little tiny pup is my godson! His mommas came to visit us in Austin 2 weekends ago and we climbed Mt. Bonnell, had Mexican vanilla milkshakes, and snuggled with Fenway.

This is how I believe everyone should eat their cupcakes, of course.

Heather (pictured) and Dustin were visiting from Maui and we got some patio time in. And of course she was required to drink only Texas beers while here.

Handsome husband also enjoying patio time.

My bff in the forefront, and some of our friends in the background, playing Blongo Ball and enjoying palomas in the backyard.

Even though it's been dreary and rainy for a few days, this is what our tree looked like for weeks! Beautiful, springy and colorful.

Cutie pie husband and I at our friend's Kentucky Derby party.

I can't leave Oliver out of a Motivated Wednesday post.

This is at Frankie's birthday shindig this past Sunday (see his guest post here). He celebrated his birthday at a B.Y.O.B. Mediterranean restaurant with belly dancing! Way to go, Frankie.

And this is what this blog is all about. Growing, so it seemed appropriate! The husband ordered this sign to hang in our backyard and I love it.

This last quote obviously did not come from my iPhone, but I definitely believe it to be true.
Looking through these pictures just reminds me that sometimes I don't have to look anywhere else for motivation.

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