Thursday, June 14, 2012

#4: own an original art piece

in lieu of an already belated motivated monday (wednesday) post, i thought i'd share some art that i've been looking at.
#4 on my 30before30 list is to own an original art piece. now, we have several photographs hanging in our home that i've taken, but i don't want to own my original art work, i want someone else's.
have you ever tried to shop for art before?
it is hard.

especially when you're ruling out photography, which i am.
but one artist that i've found, michael cina, has kind of stuck out in my mind. it's definitely not something that i would've gone for in the past - i've never considered myself a huge fan of abstract art, i've usually preferred to be able to see clearly what it is that i'm looking at in an art piece. but there are some pieces on his site that i can easily picture hanging above a dove grey couch in a living room with white walls and pops of color here and there.

and this guy's work, gabriel moreno, is absolutely incredible. i think to own one of his pieces would probably cost something pretty ridiculous, so i'll just look and admire from afar.

even though some night not consider this "art" in the traditional sense of the word, sideshow sign co makes large, vistage-looking custom lettering that i think would fit in nicely in a breakfast nook or even in a perfect spot in a bedroom.

what kind of art do you typically go for?
would you spend the (large amount of) money for an original piece?

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