Wednesday, June 6, 2012

motivated wednesday: travel edition

i'm a little bit in denial about the fact that today is june 6. i'm not quite sure that i really believe that, because i feel like it should still be april. but that just means i've got to work really hard to accomplish more on my list in the next 6 months. 

since my birthday trip is now officially less than a month away (we leave on july 5!) and one of my most favorite people in the world has decided to join in on the trip last minute (yes!!!!), i'm feeling like i should put together a travel post. so i've split this post in two:
1. romantic vacations that i'd love to take with the husband - you know, waking up late, coffee on the terrace, midnight dinners with lots of wine, etc etc.
& 2. vacations that i'd love to take with the husband + my other favorites - you know, packing your own liquor bottles in your luggage, waking up late for a very different reason, afternoon lunches with lots of wine, etc etc.

i subscribe to daily candy and every now & then i get an email from them that either leaves me super jealous or super motivated. recently, i got an email describing the dream vacations of the daily candy editors, and i gotta say - they're dead on. these editors picked some amazing places that i would certainly put on my dream list, too.
here are a few pictures + places that i'd deem perfect for those romantic, recreating the honeymoon type of trips. as usual click on the source link at the very bottom for the entire article. trust me, you'll want to look at it.

hoshinoya karuizawa, japan


palazzo margherita, italy
as far as the vacations with friends, here's what i picture:
i have no idea where this picture was taken, but i'd love to do a camping trip to the redwood forest with several friends (also, starting a camping tradition is on my 30before30 list!)
this crazy hotel has a glass roof in every room to allow you to see the northern lights (also on my 30before30 list!)
what's your dream vacation?
solo, romantic or family trips?


  1. that hotel to see the Northern lights is sick! Totally want to go there!!

  2. I know, isn't it amazing?! If only it wasn't so, so far away.


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