Thursday, June 21, 2012

blogosophere round up

in lieu of a belated motivated monday (wednesday) post, i'm just going to throw together a super quick "round up" of things i've seen & liked on the blogosphere lately. i promise that next week i'll post not once, but twice! hopefully. (i was in pain all day yesterday with a ridiculous migraine, so this post didn't happen when it was supposed to. unfortunately the migraine is slowly creeping back in today, so this will be a bit of a random post)

perfect patio re-do!
& after:
i love the colors, love the chalkboard, the brick walls and the comfy pillows.

freeze black coffee as ice cubes and toss in a glass of bailey's. um, best idea ever, no?

a pretty little ombre necklace DIY:

and also from emily, a perfect list of summer eats with recipes:

perfect summer hair. i'm going to try to do this in the bahamas:

bourbon cream rootbeer floats?!

good tips on packing light with your cosmetics:

again - i promise i'll be back soon and will post a ridiculous amount of posts once work slows down in 5 weeks. promise.
i'm struggling a little bit and feeling more than a tiny bit burned out.
so if you have any motivating words (or alcoholic beverage recipes!) feel free to share.

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