Friday, September 28, 2012

on spending time together.

i mentioned a few posts back that my 1:00-10:00pm schedule started back up at work. this is always a little hard to get used to, especially because i really only work that schedule on mondays, tuesdays and every other friday. so it doesn't give my body time to adjust to normal sleeping hours, normal eating hours, normal socializing hours, and so on. but even worse - it makes it difficult to hang out with my husband. he's extremely busy at work and is part of a project that takes him out of town pretty often. which means that there's really not that much time for us to do things we get used to doing when i'm not training a new hire class - things like going for evening runs or bike rides together, spur of the moment indian food dinner dates, catching a concert together during the week here & there.
by the time i get home at 10:30, all wound up from the day, he's tired from working 10+ hours and somehow fitting in a work out or two (i'm telling you, he's a superhero).
so, we're making it a point to enjoy the little things & making sure that we can still set aside at least one date night per week, like we do when i'm not working this schedule. when i tell people we have a "date night" they usually say, isn't every night a date night? since we don't have kids, i guess that's the assumption. but really, we often do things separately during the week - he'll be at the gym late, i'll go have happy hour with some lady friends, he'll have a work dinner, you get the jist. we're not one of those couples who has to do every single activity together. so for us, it's always been really fun to designate our date nights at the beginning of the week and make sure that we make time to have drinks and cook a meal together, watch trash tv, or go to one of "our" restaurants, etc.

do you set aside a designated date night?


we're heading to dallas this weekend to see my family + celebrate my mom's birthday. i'm really excited to spend time with them since it seems like forever since i last saw everyone! i'm also hoping to see some long lost friends that i left back in dallas, so i'll report back on monday with some pictures.
i hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. i totally get the busy life, my husband and i definitely have our own lives, but we get to see eachother more than it seems like you guys do. we try to cook dinner at home at least! anyway, i just stumbled across your blog!

    1. cooking dinner together is probably my favorite! thanks for stopping by :)


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