Monday, August 6, 2012


last week, i officially signed up to run a half marathon in dallas. i'm not quite sure what i was thinking, but it's too late for me to back out now. i've already committed to a friend who's also running, i've paid for it, i've told the world about it - and this was all on purpose, to keep myself from being able to say "never mind!"
one of the goals on my 30before30 list is to participate in some sort of marathon or race. back in april, i did a really fun, easy 5k and while that allowed me to technically cross off a list item, i didn't really feel like it was worthy.
i have (almost exactly) 4 months to train for this, sometimes that seems like more than enough time & at others, it seems like i'm an idiot. i'm not running with a group, because honestly...i loathe working out with people. i hate when someone tries to speak to me while i'm panting and not even able to form a word, much less a whole, coherent sentence or witty response. but even without a running group, i got this! i know i do. it's not the actual race that i'm worried about. there's no doubt in my mind that on december 9th i'll cross the line at 13.1 miles. i know i've got that part down. because i'm not going to let myself walk near the end when i get tired - i know myself well enough to know that i'll compete with myself allll the way through the finish.  it's the discipline that it takes, that's what's scary.
it's the waking up early on weekdays and weekends to make sure that you've reached your 5-runs-per-week goal. and the "no thanks, i'll pass on that one last delicious cocktail, i have to run in the morning". and the, "yes i know it's already 90 degrees at 8am, but i've got to get out there" statements. those are the things that concern me. but i know that i have to start letting this become fun for me, and i know it'll get there. i just can't wait for that moment! i've reached that point with bikram - i can't wait to get in that hot room, and i'm always excited to get to sweat my ass off for 90 minutes straight.

 so, running, here's to hoping that i start to love you sometime very, very soon!

are you a runner? any tips to share with me?

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