Monday, December 3, 2012

weekends were made for...

this weekend was an awesome one. it was made up of snuggly cats, one amazing (and free!) gary clark jr show, downtown pizza dinner dates outside, beers at the ginger man with my ginger man, seeing my dad & little sister who came up from mexico for the weekend, and...see that last picture up there? that was my sunday. all. day. long.
i'm completely sucked in to unbroken, and couldn't stop reading it yesterday. it helped to have some abuelita hot chocolate to make me want to stay in bed, too. 
[i just realized there are a lot of things in those sentences above that i want to suggest to you all. never heard gary clark jr? do yourself a favor and go listen, like now. haven't read unbroken? please go buy/download it immediately. oh, and abuelita hot chocolate? it'll change your life]

i am now officially less than a week away from running my first half marathon, and i'm extraordinarily a little nervous, but excited! when i first signed up for the marathon and saw that it would be in december, i thought: surely i'll need a good long sleeved running shirt, and maybe even something to cover my ears? false. that's just false. it was in the 70's all weekend and the weather during today's run was 67 degrees, so...that's kind of a bummer, actually. i prefer to run in colder weather, but what can ya do? 

i hope your weekend was just as relaxing (ie: lazy) as mine was!

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