Thursday, December 20, 2012

#11: read at least one book a month for one year - DONE

i get to cross off another goal today!
goal #11 on my 30before30 list was to read at least one book a month for a year. i started my first book of 2012 in early january, and instead of stopping at 12 books, i actually made it through these 15 books:

some of them i loved & some of them...not so much. but i'm not really one of those people who can start a book and just set it down halfway through if i decide i don't like it. once i've invested time in it, it's getting finished.
do you put down books halfway if you just hate them? or do you force yourself through them?

in case any of you are interested in my very non-professional literary opinion, 
i had a really hard time getting through the receptionist (very slow and anti- climactic), cloud atlas was also a bit too slow in my opinion, and the same kind of different as me was not at all what i was expecting (turned out to be a very religion-focused book which i was not interested in. i can be really interested in a book about religion if that's what i set out to read, but in this case - i didn't).
my favorites were the non-fiction books: wild, arcadia, unorthodox, blood bones & butter, unbroken & half broke horses. in fact, i absolutely loved all of those books and i would highly recommend them to anyone who loves reading memoirs, auto biographies, anything non-fiction.

although i was able to check this off the list this year, i still want to make sure i read a lot next year, too. so i'm beginning to put my 2013 book list together and will come back with an update on that semi-soon.
have you read any books this year that you absolutely loved?
or hated?


  1. LOVED half broke horses, and also The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, SOOOOO good

    1. i read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao last year too and it is now one of my absolute favorites! i haven't read any of his other books - maybe those should be on my 2013 list.

  2. That's great how you kept up with that list.I used to read like crazy from age 5 when I learned how to read to age 22 when I somehow stopped reading. Now it's something I mainly do on holidays.

    1. liv - the same thing happened to me. i was a huge reader all the way up until about 3 years ago, so i wanted to get back to reading a lot & that's why i added this goal! it's been a really fun one :)


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