Monday, December 10, 2012

#8 - participate in some sort of marathon or race - DONE

technically, i've checked this off my 30before30 list twice before this year (here and here with 5k's), but this one is the one that really counts for me - i finally ran the half marathon that i've been scared of since i signed up for it in august!
i'm not going to lie, i wasn't too excited the night before the marathon. in fact, tucker had to talk me in to doing it probably about 5 different times (at least). i was super, super nervous that i wouldn't be able to do it under my goal time and in turn, i'd get really frustrated with myself. but of course, i had signed up for it, paid for it, trained for it, we drove to dallas & picked up my bib and packet for the race. it was just going to have to happen, regardless of how many times i fake coughed and pretended i was sick & couldn't run.
so on saturday night, the night before the race, i slept approximately an hour and a half. and when i woke up really early to eat my banana, my carb-loaded breakfast bar & black tea, my stomach was in knots. but by the time we walked over to my corral and got me all set up and ready to go, i got over the nerves. i was already there - it was going to have to happen, so i might as well just get over it. my biggest concern was that i didn't train enough, and hadn't run far enough to get through this easily. and i was absolutely right - it wasn't easy. but, it actually went a little bit better than i thought, i'm assuming because of all the adrenaline and endorphins that were running through me. i will say that it would have been much more enjoyable if it was colder...running in 76 degrees is not nearly as fun as running in 50 degrees. 
at mile 9, i was so, so tired and started walking and about 30 seconds in to walking, a woman came up behind me, patted me on the back and said "no no, keep running. you & i have been at the same pace throughout the whole run" - so i sped up and started to run again. thank you so much, mile 9 lady in the pink tutu! 
and thank you thank you thank you to my handsome, sweet husband that told me he was proud of me about 50 times, wore a shirt that had my name on it and gave me a hug & kiss at the end of the marathon, when i was at my grimiest and sweatiest. 

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