Tuesday, December 18, 2012

in the planning stages...

goal #15 on my 30before30 list is to visit spain & luckily, that goal will be crossed off next year! the husband & i know that we're in the planning stages for a trip over to europe, and we know that spain is involved...we just don't know what other country is also involved. since the tickets over there are so expensive and the flights so long, we figured that going to just one location doesn't really make sense - why not make the most of it and hit up as many places as time/money can afford? originally, greece was in the agenda for this trip, but the airline that we're going through (using tucker's miles from work travels) doesn't fly to/from greece, so that may be tossed out of the picture (too bad, since that's also on my list!)

we've been taking our time and doing research on several different places that we've considered visiting after a week in spain. (italy isn't being considered since i've been there, and we want to go somewhere that's new to both of us).
here are two options we've considered:

consideration #1
flight to london + paris by rail

and on to paris,

consideration #2
flight to ireland

we're not going on this trip until late summertime, so we have plenty of time to make decisions. but being the planner that we are my husband is, we want to iron out all of our details sooner than later, hence the research starting now.
plus - let's be honest, it's just really, really fun to think about trips for months in advance and have something great to look forward to!

will we be eating meat pies followed by macarons and strong coffee? orrr whiskey and irish stew?
suggestions welcome!

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