Thursday, August 16, 2012


this post is just a long, drawn out way to say "thank you so much" to my husband.
we recently went on a trip for my birthday, and while there, we were discussing my 30before30 list with a small group of friends. when one of my oldest friends asked tucker what was on his list, he said:
"whatever is on her list. helping her accomplish her list is my goal"

swoon. just, swoon.

months ago, i posted about me being the 'realist' and him being the dreamer in our relationship. and while that's still the case, i think he's slowly converting me over to his side. (the dark side?) you know those moments when you set a goal but it's more of a fantasy? the ones that you never really plan on accomplishing, but it sounds pretty damn cool when you write it down or say it out loud to someone?
well, being with my husband, i've learned that those are stupid. that's right: stupid.
i'm tired of hearing people set these goals for themselves and never doing a single thing to get them checked off, or setting the goal and then completely forgetting about it. why do that to yourself?! why get excited and motivated by something to just let it slowly die away and get forgotten? i've realized that that's probably an easy thing for me to say because i have someone on my side that doesn't ever let me forget to put work in to my goals, & who is just as excited to see them checked off as i am.
so thank you, husband. you are the best.
my biggest hope is that all of my closest friends will one day get the equivalent of a tucker in their lives.


  1. Everyone needs an influence in their life, im happy to say that in addition to Roge you are one influential individual as well. :)

  2. It's so sweet to hear someone talk highly of their husband! I try to always be quick to praise mine, but find that most times women just like to complain. What a wonderful wife you are - your husband is as lucky as you are! :)

    ps. Found you via cup of jo comments - glad I did!

    1. hi ashley! thanks, i totally agree - i always hear the negative sides and never really get to hear people praising their husbands. thanks for stopping by & i'm glad to come across your blog too :)



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