Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We are back! Back in Austin after being in Mexico then in Katy, back to eating and living more healthy and back to work. That last one is the only one I'm upset about, of course. The trip to Guadalajara was everything I hoped for. It was so, so much fun getting to introduce my husband to my whole family (literally, the WHOLE family), and to introduce him to real street tacos and churros for the first time. Spending time with my brother and his girlfriend really tops the list, too. Overall, it was incredibly hard to come back in to work knowing we couldn't just do those things day in, day out again. But life's got to get back to normal at some point, right? And truthfully, we live a pretty amazing life even without daily churros with chocolate.
Tucker and I had a really great New Year's Eve. We pampered ourselves with a spa day, a nap and a late romantic dinner. But the best part, of course, was talking. I love that man. And one of the best things about him (which I think I've mentioned before) is how good he is at motivating. We each picked 4 goals to accomplish this year...I prefer the word 'goal' to the word 'resolution' just because I feel like no one ever accomplishes their resolutions. Anyway, here are my 4, which of course all come from my 30before30 list:
1. become craftier
2. start and keep a regular yoga practice
3. start and keep a sunday night supper tradition
4. weekend trip to a vineyard

So that is what I want to will accomplish this year. And here's how.
-Become craftier: The good news is that I've already started on #1! Last night, Lesley (of previous Yozoe nights) hosted craft night and we painted ceramic bowls to stash jewelry and such...'before' picture below, 'after' picture to come later. Craft night inspired by this post.
-Start and Keep a Regular Yoga Practice: This starts one week from yesterday. I will be going to hourlong yoga classes on Mondays and Wednesdays after work, and could not be more excited!
-Start and Keep a Sunday Night Supper Tradition: In the next month or so, we will be building a deck/patio in the backyard, where I'm hoping to host a couple of these Sunday night suppers. We probably won't host our first one until March but I may or may not have already started planning the menu & decor. Playing hostess is just too damn fun.
-Weekend Trip to a Vineyard: Ok, honestly, this one I haven't really started thinking about yet. More info to come!

Since you read all of my ramblings, I'll reward you with pictures! These are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip, NYE and craft night.

A wall in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

 My brother and his lovely girlfriend

Some of our yummy drinks. Cerveza, chocolate, tequila, cazuelas.

                                    Tucker and I on Christmas Eve.

One of my most favorite Christmas presents ever! My big, tortoise shell watch AND my wrap bracelet.

Festive, glittery New Year's Eve Nails.

                                 & my handsome, wonderful NYE date.

The beginning of craft night.


  1. yay! I love your "goals" my "goal" this year is to be more crafty as well... I have pinterest to thank. I've already done a couple things and I'm really excited to explore this further.. if you need a craft buddy, holla.

  2. I have Pinterest to thank for my craft goal too! Lesley and I are planning to have a regular craft night once a month, so I'll tell her you're in.


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