Monday, January 23, 2012

motivated monday

Happy Monday! I'm sure we're all ecstatic that this day has rolled around again. Normally, I'm bitter about Mondays but I'm actually happy about this one. Last Monday I still felt extremely sick, and I was angry about not getting to do anything over the weekend because of being sick. This Monday is different. I had a great weekend, felt like I got a lot done and am ready to get this week started so that it can be over and we can be graced with another weekend.

So without further ado, here are the images for this week's Motivated Monday, along with some words.

I love this image so much. This is exactly what I'd love for our future guest bathroom to look like. Mismatched (yet matching) towels, wooden crates, mason jars, etc. Dreamy.

I have a thing for bookshelves. A big thing, as a matter of fact. I absolutely thing bookshelves can make a room, and this one makes the HOUSE. Isn't it beautiful? 

DIY beauty. Next week I'll be hosting a craft night at my house to make sugar and salt scrubs, and I've found out that it's super easy to make your own masks, deep conditioners, etc. DIY, here I come.
This is the coconut & almond sugar scrub I'll be making next week:

 These are great. quietboystudio, on Etsy, creates these one-of-a-kind pieces that I think would look great on a frame wall. They're painted on old recycled LP's and you can customize the lyrics.

 Okay, so I don't have baby fever. Unless I look at a picture like the one below, then I kind of do, dammit. 

These 2 images are of raw peanut balls. I'm going to make them without the raisins because I'm not a fan, but I think they look & sound delish. And with the peanut butter, rolled oats and sunflower seeds, they make a nice healthy snack that you can still pretend to feel guilty about eating. If I throw some mini chocolate chips in there, that wouldn't be so bad right? 

After my run yesterday, motivated to fit in to this dress just like she does :)
Kidding. Unattainable.

And, a reminder for me.

Post to come later this week on my new ombre hair (I said I'd do it!), craft night this week (candle-making), and how goal #21 (start a regular yoga practice) is coming along. (Hint: it's coming along well!)

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