Sunday, January 29, 2012

results: craft day #2 of 2012

I'm happy that I have a second craft to be posted before it becomes February! I feel like that means I'm off to a decent start. Do you remember in this post, when I mentioned that I was using an image I found on pinterest as inspiration to revamp my jewelry box? Well, here are the results. I'm pretty happy with them & it was the easiest "craft" ever. 

Here is the photo that inspired my revamp:

This is the fabric I used

I know this is the world's blurriest photo, but this is how easy it was. I just taped the fabric over the stock photos that came in the frames

This is the result before being placed back on the actual jewelry box

This is what the jewelry box looks like without the frame in front. I love this box because I'm not a huge fan of traditional jewelry boxes - they're just not my aesthetic. So this one is perfect for me, because it's easily hidden. 

And finally, here is the jewelry box all put together. It's a bit dark because I didn't want the flash to ruin the picture

Next craft day/night will be making the sugar & salt scrubs! Results to come later this week.

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