Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#21: start (& keep) a regular yoga practice

I need to make it a point to update this blog at least 3x per week. That's not a resolution/goal, because I can't keep adding to them, but that's just something that I'll be working on. I look forward to logging in to my Google reader every single morning, because of those dedicated bloggers that are kind enough to leave me (yes, they do it just for me) updates every day! And yet I'm the slacker that posts once a week. Is it bad that when I get to work in the morning, that's the first thing I do? I show up to approximately 30 unread e-mails every morning, but if there's not a class going on, I go to the Google reader first. Maybe that should be yet another personal resolution...but...probably not.
So on my Motivated Monday post, I said that I'd post about how #21 on my list is going, which is keeping a regular yoga practice. It's going extremely well so far! My first class was on Monday, January 9. The classes are every Monday and Wednesday for an hour and a half, and I always leave feeling relaxed, stretched, and all around great. I've always been really good at starting a workout routine and keeping it up for about a month. I can be a hoss for a month and just absolutely be gung ho about it, and then something happens (like getting sick) and I just fall off the workout wagon. And I fall off hard. This yoga class has helped me not fall off that wagon. I've pre-paid for a month's worth of classes, and I'm kind of cheap. So I'm definitely not going to stray from a scheduled class once that money has been taken out of my account! And when I'm doing something twice a week, it motivates me to do something at least one other time that week, anyone else with me? I don't want to downplay yoga - I know it can do amazing things for one's body. But I personally don't think it will get me to the place I want to be with my body, without some cardio or weights or ab workouts being thrown in the mix. I'm already noticing my flexibility improving a LOT, just after 3 weeks in the class. And on Sunday, the husband said he had noticed a change in my body - am I right when I say that's the most motivating compliment? So one day this will be me:
and maybe this & this, too:

But until then, I'm happy with my progress with #21. Very happy.

This is the most amazing, beautiful yoga video I have seen in a long time. If you are in a place where you can watch it, I'd highly recommend it. Talk about motivating! This chick's insane.

What do you guys do to stay fit?

(original 30before30 list here)

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