Tuesday, January 17, 2012

motivated monday

I'm sitting at home sickly today, as I have been for the last 4 days. So I'm in need of a little bit of inspiration today to pull me out of my state of self-pity. These are some images that have kept me inspired as of late, from all over the blogosphere (and Pinterest, of course).
I realize that the title of this post is Motivated Monday and that today is Tuesday. But as I stated, I've been sick for fourrr days, so have a little bit of compassion. Starting yesterday today, I'll be using every Monday as a way to motivate myself and post images that have inspired me through the past week & weekend. I promise next week's Motivated Monday will actually be on the appropriate day of the week. 
Lately, inspiration has come from all sorts of different images. Photographs, artwork, interior design, amazing hair, gardens, well styled beautiful ladies, recipes for Sunday night suppers, travel inspired images, etc etc etc. Brace yourselves, friends. There's quite a few. I told you I really needed inspiration.

Instead of coveting new pieces of jewelry, I'll just combine them all :)

Ombre. It's happening to my hair this Saturday - results to come. I love the look, the ends just a little lighter than the roots, it makes it really easy for lazy ladies like me to not have to re-do the color every few weeks.

I love the idea of leaving walls a simple, crisp white and then having a pop of pattern or color on the ceiling. Element of surprise. Next house project, possibly?
I love this West Elm rug. I'm always looking for lighter colored rugs and to me, this one is perfect.

Future craft project: striped vases. I'll achieve this with rubber bands and spray paint. Results to come!
Party inspiration. We're having friends visit from Maui in May, which means our deck extension will be done, which of COURSE means a party is in order. I love the look of this wine bucket + photos.
Another craft project. My mom gave me a jewelry case for Christmas that has a lot of picture frames on the front. I like this idea much better though - filling the frames with similar colored textiles.

Another party idea - chalk tags on mason jars. Hopefully this will avoid washing 100 cups at the end of the night.

Healthy lunch ideas:

One of my (unstated) goals this year is another item on my list - have a thriving garden. This image is of a garden made using wine cartons.

 And lastly, this is for me to remember.


  1. love these Ale. Makes me want to jump out of my seat and go do everything on my 'to-do, want to, wish I could' list.

    1. I love all the cool arts and crafts idea!!! I feel motivated this Monday/Tuesday!!

  2. thanks loves! motivated monday will be a staple then :) i'll plan a craft night soon.


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