Thursday, January 5, 2012

results: craft night #1 of 2012

These are the results of the craft night I mentioned in my last post. The first official crafting of 2012!
We made lacquered bowls for jewelry and such, or you could use them as bowls to put snacks in for a dinner party. We made them dishwasher safe by adding a layer of dishwasher-safe gloss over the paint.

This first picture is terrible quality and you can see my running shoes. At least that means I'm sticking to my health goal, right?? The colors are much brighter in person than what my phone pictures captured, but I'm sure you get the general idea. 

I'm really happy with them and might be using the same paint/gloss to make a serving platter or tray soon. 
It helps that our craft nights (since we've had a few in the past, before 2012), usually always include mimosas, watching (and making fun of) a dramatic "reality" TV show on Bravo, and what Lesley refers to as her "2 hour salad"...which is really quite delicious. But yes, it literally does take her 2 hours to make.

(see original 30before30 list here)


  1. wow, these are really pretty. I wish I had the time to include some more crafting into my life. one day.... ;)

  2. Thank you! I was happy about how easy they were to make. I really like your posts with the Paris hotels!


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