Monday, April 23, 2012

#8 - participate in some sort of marathon or race - DONE

5k with obstacle courses has been completed!
 This past Saturday was the Diva Dash that I've mentioned before, and it was so much fun. Since this was my first ever organized run/race, I didn't really know what to expect at all. But we lucked out with great weather and the run itself was easy, along with the obstacles which I was nervous about leading up to the 5k.
Now that I know that I can easily complete a 5k, I'm bringin' out the big guns. I agreed to do a half marathon (while slightly intoxicated). I have lots of time to start training for it, because the marathon isn't until December...but I'm still super a little nervous. I wasn't intoxicated enough to agree to do a full marathon - I have no desire whatsoever to run for 26.2 miles. None. At all.
So I decided that I'd give myself an entire 6 months to train for this half marathon, even though normally only about 3 months are needed. Better safe than sorry, though!
Since I have an extra 3 months to train on top of what I really need, I'll probably try to push myself to be able to do a little over the 13.1 miles, maybe 16-19...because, why not, right?
The training schedule that I'll be following is based on a 10-week training period with me having every Sunday off (woohoo!) and running 4 days a week while also doing some cross training on "off" days. If you're interested in the training schedule, feel free to comment or email me and I'll send it over.

Have you ever run a marathon or half marathon? Do you have any desire to?

Here are some pictures from the Diva Dash this weekend...none of these are mine, so thanks to everyone else who took them!

This was our team, Victorious Secret, a few days before the race, at bib pick-up.

So even though I will cross this item off my list several times before I turn 30, I'm not going to hesitate crossing it off now. Here's an updated look at my 30before30 list:

visit santorini, greece with husband - learn to speak Portuguese fluently - go on a girl's weekend trip to a vineyard - own an original art piece - learn how to bake my own sourdough bread - give birth - start a movie night tradition with husband and kids - participate in some sort of marathon or race - plant a thriving vegetable garden - have/start a camping tradition with my husband and kids - read at least a book a month for one year - master taking photos the way i picture them in my brain - decorate our "forever home" to reflect both my husband & i perfectly - start a sunday night supper tradition - visit barcelona and madrid, spain - see radiohead live again - become crafty - ride in a hot air balloon - visit maui for 5 year wedding anniversary - start teaching my children how to speak spanish fluently - start a regular yoga practice - sleep in a tree house - see northern lights - volunteer at a soup kitchen on thanksgiving day - start taking a monthly photo of my children for at least 10 years - take a road trip (more than like 24 hours of driving!) - save to send my children to whatever college they want (if that's what they want) - learn to tango with my husband - take my own (professional looking) newborn photos of my children - surprise my husband with the best birthday gift ever (still don't know what that is....)


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