Wednesday, April 25, 2012

motivated wednesdays: interior edition

Remember back in this post I mentioned that my dream job is to be an interior photographer/stylist? And remember how one of my goals is to decorate our "forever" home to reflect both my husband & I perfectly? Well I've come across lots of photographs lately that have made me yearn for that job and that next house more and more lately. So in my head, I pretend that instead of having a year (or probably a little more) to plan for that next house, I have like 2 months. And that's where this habit of hoarding photographs of interiors comes in.
So this Motivated Wednesday post is dedicated to just some of those photographs. There's much (much) more where these came from.

I'm always a fan of a room that lets in ridiculous amounts of light, like this one. I also love living rooms that have no TV in them. I will try really, really hard to be able to somehow hide our TV in our next home. Rooms just look so much more inviting and sociable without one, no?

I like both sides of this picture - the girly, romantic but laid back room on the left, and the unstructured wall art of the room on the right. I particularly like the room on the left because I think a semi-made bed is always the way to go. I love that the decorative pillows are there, but they're just thrown on there, and the comforter isn't pulled tight.

I surprisingly like the more masculine colors in this living room, because there is still a lot of light being let in, and touches of delicate branches that also lighten it up. Oh and PS. I'm dying for a grey couch.

Big contrast to the picture above, with the massive amount of white. LOVE it.

My pinterest board has lots of yellow & grey combos.
And again - the slightly made, yet unmade bed. Big fan.

It's all about the tiles here. Who needs a shower curtain, right?

SWOON. I mean, really. The colors in this room are perfect, and the simplicity of it too.

I think a white kitchen is the way to go. Especially if you have the chance to add a bright, cheerful pop of color to it. This would probably work best in something like a beach house, but I'm willing to have it in a forever home!

The perfect cozy, simple guest room.

Lastly, I'm aware I don't have a baby, but I absolutely love the idea of the painted ceiling in a nursery with more simple, muted walls.

Which of these rooms is your favorite?

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