Monday, April 2, 2012

motivated monday: backyard edition

It's Monday! Not only is it Monday, but it's Monday, April 2nd. That probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but to me, that means that I start training a 1:00-10:00pm class at work. I've mentioned before that I really, really love my job and that I feel really lucky to have it. That being said!!! It's hard to work a 1:00-10:00 shift for 8 weeks at a time. SO, I'll be wanting to put together my Motivated Monday posts more than ever.
My awesome in-laws were here this weekend and as a belated birthday gift to my husband, they helped us fix up the backyard. In previous posts, I've mentioned that we've added a patio (with a partial awning/pergola), and we had bought our furniture for the patio several months ago. Now all we needed was an expert gardener (mother-in-law) to help our gardening-challenged selves going. The only pictures I have for right now are mostly of the patio itself. 
How is this motivating? Since these are pictures of something I've already gotten accomplished?
WELL, I'm glad you asked!

I'm determined to spend time out here. Here being the backyard, of course. I'm determined to host those Sunday night suppers in the backyard. I'm determined to water the grass as much as I'm supposed to! I'm determined to keep my OCD husband happy and sweep the stained concrete every now and then! I'm determined to make this our favorite place to hang out in our house.
So seeing these pictures literally right after it's all been done will hopefully help me do all of those things.
And it's also part of a goal on my list: #13 - decorate our "forever" home to reflect both my husband & I perfectly. We both think we've accomplished this with the backyard so far. 
(PS. Later, I'll post pictures of the new flower bed we have in the front yard thanks to my mother-in-law's help and guidance!)

Where is your favorite place to hang out in your house? 


  1. Oh my! I just stumbled upon your blog. :)
    This post is great!
    I love it! -- & slightly jealous that it isn't in my backyard. ;)
    I hope you have a GREAT evening!
    much love, colie.


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