Friday, August 10, 2012

{a week in the mind}

last night, while waiting for my friend to meet me up for happy hour, i walked in to anthropologie to kill some time. i made a promise to myself that i'd slow down on shopping for the next several months, since i've got some things i want to save for, so i had zero intentions of actually buying anything in the store. but! that doesn't always work out as planned. i came across this book:

Q&A a day - 365 questions - 5 years.
this could not have come at a better time. i'm almost exactly 5 years away from turning 30 and being done with this list. so, ok...technically i guess it could have come at a better time if i found it on my 25th birthday a month ago. but this is close enough.
here are some examples as to what's inside the book. you can see that it has 5 blanks on each page, so that every year you can see last year's answer.

and here are some examples of the questions in the book:
can people change? 
you are lucky; how so or not so?

in order to incorporate the book, i'm going to start a weekly post - a week in the mind. i'll post it every friday and type up what i wrote in the book all week (from saturday through the friday that i post it). i'm really excited about coming across this book, because just by flipping through it i noticed that a lot of the questions are goal oriented and tie in directly to my list

in order to be fair (& honest), this week's post will only have yesterday's and today's question. i don't want to go back and answer the entire week's worth of questions, because i want to only write down what i'm feeling that day.

so, without further ado:

thursday, august 9, 2012
write down your last sent text message
(yes, that's really what i sent to tucker just now. he comes home today after being out of town on a work trip for a week and i'm beyond ready to see him!)

friday, august 10, 2012
what are you running from at this moment?
quite literally - everything! i mentioned in a previous post that i signed up for a half marathon and have started my training. so i guess emotionally, what i'm running away from is lack of discipline and laziness. it's all too easy for me to become undisciplined and "get comfortable" and i'm happily running away from that right now.

what do you think of the {a week in the mind} idea? i hope i don't come across a question that's too hard to share. but if i do, i started this so i have to finish it, right?

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